About Meredith

Meredith is a transnational, multi-creative artist based in Southern California. She is a classic first-born -- a creative, linear thinker with almost too much ambition. Since founding selah dance collective in 2014, she has dabbled in many other creative areas out of a passion to represent the beautiful and the useful in every day life.

As an artist, Meredith is fueled by interdisciplinary research and collaboration. She is inspired by the innovative communities of Southern California and New York, constantly igniting long-range artistic work that stretches the boundaries of technology and art. She also is an advocate for expanding arts exposure, working within different organizations to bring art, specifically dance, to underserved communities. Meredith regularly travels to the Philippines to work with communities still affected by Superstorm Yolanda in 2013, combining dance and medical services to create a radical vision of health and a fuller range of expression.

Always striving to create something new, Meredith loves to learn new languages (currently German, Hebrew, and Chinese), read Ernest Hemingway's novels, bake vegan brownies, add to her lipstick collection, pet strangers' dogs, and spend time with her boyfriend.