Thesis Blog #5 (Committee responses)

Received my responses from my second thesis check in and let me tell you, I feel a lot better about this process! I know I am still a long way off from the finish but I at least feel like I can make it! I received really good feedback and some direction on my "creative manifestation" of my thesis research. I am excited about the opportunity to craft a piece using this research because it is truly what I am interested in. I have included some questions from my Thesis Advisory Committee that will be guiding my later post:

  • The narrowing appears to be the right path; your topic/subject appears to be more manageable; keep working to locate the critical frames to approach your research and creative processes
  • Can you define sense of self? What exactly are you referring to? What are the multiple ways one “senses one’s self?” More specifically, what is your sense of self? 
  • What is initiating your movement? 
  • The movements of arms and legs seem like an external investigation- almost as if an outside force is moving the body. This seems to be in contrast with the idea of “sense of self.” What specifically are you exploring with this movement phrase? What aspects of your research are you actualizing through your creative manifestation? What are you embodying? 
  • What is the sound score? 
  • Where are you imagining this work taking place? Theater? Alternative space? 
  • What do you want this work to do? 
  • I am intrigued by the movement vocabulary – the combination of small gestures and full-bodied reaches creates a tension between self and other, internal and external.  
  • I have questions about the use of sound – how will the sound score support your conceptual frameworks? 
  • I am curious about your desires for the creative manifestation of your thesis. What do you hope the work will do? What is your intention behind the movement material? How is the material being sourced? What compositional devices (use of space, phrasing, weight) will support your intention?